Page Sections

When you want to put content on your page, you can choose between

  1. Text Section
  2. Gallery Section
  3. Wrapper Section

Adding Text Section

On any page move your mouse pointer on the pencil icon and select 'Manage Section'
A click on the Text Section (aka Text Content or Editable Text)  icon will add a normal <div> to your page (filled with some sample text). Once done click on 'Save'.

Now either use the pencil icon again and select 'Edit' or while still in the 'Manage Section' menu, click on the pencil icon next to your Text Section to edit the same.

If you click on

Move menu items

It is just drag and drop in the Page Manager!
You can turn your page into a top menu item or move it under another existing menu.

Rename menu items

Select your target menu item and click on Rename / Details