How to compile esniper (on DS416J)

I. Install EBI / ipkg package manager

1. In the Synology WebUI open Package Center - Settings

2. Under tab 'Package Sources' add the URL:

3. Install 'Easy Bootstrap Intaller' using the Package Center - Community menu

II. Install developer environment (compiler etc.)

Hint: Whenever you run into issues try --force-overwrite option (ipkg install --force-overwrite PACKAGE)

1. Open SSH connection and run the following commands

/opt/bin/ipkg install gcc
/opt/bin/ipkg install make
/opt/bin/ipkg install automake
/opt/bin/ipkg install autoconf
/opt/bin/ipkg install libtool
/opt/bin/ipkg install binutils
#opware-devel (see below) will show a conflict between wget and wget-ssl, so let's replace this first 
/opt/bin/ipkg remove wget
/opt/bin/ipkg install wget-ssl
/opt/bin/ipkg install optware-devel

2. esniper itself requires an additional package

/opt/bin/ipkg install libcurl-dev

III. Compile

1. Download latest version of esniper. Here is a copy of esniper 2.35.0

2. Extract the .tgz file and run compile commands:

tar xvzf esniper-2-35-0.tgz
cd esniper-2-35-0
make install