Nextcloud inside Synology Docker

Download the image

  1. Open the Docker application inside the DSM portal
  2. Select Registry in the left menu
  3. Use the search box on the right and search for nextcloud
  4. Once the nextcloud image was found, right click it and choose Download this image
  5. You can select the version you want to download, default: latest
  6. If you open the image menu von the left you will see an animated database logo next to your new image. It proofs that the download is in progress.
  7. DSM will show a notification (top right) once the download has finished

Launch the image (create a container)

  1. Click on image in the left menu 
  2. On the right click on the next cloud image you just downloaded
  3. Click on Launch in the top menu
  4. In the popup window click on advanced settings
  5. Check enable auto-restart
  6. Change to the volume tab and click on add folder
  7. Select the docker folder and click create folder
  8. Give it the name nextcloud 
  9. Back in the advanced settings window you need to assign a mountpoint for your new folder: /var/www/html
    This will give you read/write access via //YOURNAS/docker/nextcloud to the internal /var/www/html directory inside the container
  10. Under the port settings tab change Auto to a free port which is available on your NAS, like 8080
  11. Finish the wizard


  1. Here is what I did:

    I don't use any admin interfaces for MySQL so all of this was done from the command line. If your using phpmyadmin or something, I have no experience with it.

    I logged into the MySQL console and removed the owncloud database and removed the oc_admin entries from the mysql.user.

    I created a new database called owncloud-
    create database owncloud;

    I then created a user for that database-
    grant all privileges on owncloud.* to 'oc_admin'@'localhost' identified by 'mypassword';

    I went back to the web install page and entered the following information-

    Admin section:
    username - admin
    password - mychosenpassword

    MySQL section:
    username - oc_admin
    password - mypassword
    database - owncloud
    host - localhost